• How to Ace your Pitch

    HEC Paris MBA students benefit from an exclusive career-development program that begins even before they arrive on campus and continues throughout their 16 months of studies. Led by our experts at the HEC Paris Career Center, the unique program features an MBA-specific series of workshops, coaching sessions and on-demand mock interviews designed to help students… Continue Reading

  • HEC Paris Dean Eloic Peyrace (center) wears the bleuet with HEC Paris MBA student organizers (from left) Matthieu Paquet, David Rocher, Andrea Gholam & Erwin Bruder

    Charity Fundraising Sweeps across HEC Paris

    Ever since World War I, the bleuet (cornflower or bachelor’s button in English) has been a French symbol of remembrance. Like the Commonwealth poppy, the bleuet is a hardy flower that flourished in Europe’s devastated battlefields. Its color is reminiscent of the blue uniform worn by young French recruits. Wounded veterans began crafting them out… Continue Reading

  • On the HERstory tour of Paris with members of the Women in Leadership Club

    What I Learned as an MBA Club President

    The HEC Paris MBA’s 25 student clubs orchestrate an incredible number of extracurricular activities throughout the school year. From prestigious speaker events and panel discussions to dance classes and races for charity, members attend club events as a fun way to learn the ins and outs of a new industry. For the Executive Team, the… Continue Reading

  • Pratham (kneeling) leads a training session in Indonesia, educating the local food and beverage community about Australian wines

    COVID sparks an MBA grad to Launch his own Business

    Wine and spirits have taken Pratham Wahi a long way. As a child in India, colorful bottles with strange and wonderful labeling took him toward his father’s cupboard, where, transfixed by the exotic languages from all around the world, a seed was planted. A little older, they took him to a vineyard on the Western… Continue Reading

  • Sweet Taste of Victory: Taking 1st Place in a Wine Case Competition

    Written by Lewis Anderson and Jasper Stroeder, otherwise known as team Barrel Business Within days of starting your MBA, invitations to partake in case competitions steadily flow into your inbox. These inter-school, international business problem-solving competitions are synonymous with the MBA experience. However, as classes get more intense, extra-curricular activities fill your diary and the… Continue Reading

  • Impact Investing 101 with Charly Kleissner

    Charly Kleissner’s life has been a series of good decisions. He said yes immediately when Steve Jobs offered him a position at neXT, the oft-forgotten start-up that laid the foundation for Apple’s OS X. Then came Ariba, a company considered one of the dot-com era’s most successful unicorns. While negotiating to become Ariba’s Vice President… Continue Reading

  • Bridging the Gap: Hospitality Pros Flourishing at the HEC Paris MBA

    During a recent quick-fire Q&A session on French radio, Sébastien Bazin, CEO of hospitality behemoth the Accor Group, fielded a future-facing question from a 23-year-old hospitality student understandably concerned about the current state of affairs: “I’m worried. Worried about my friends, my colleagues, and my comrades with whom I’ve worked. Should I leave the profession? Should my friends?” Bazin, whose… Continue Reading