• The HEC Paris EMBA Tops Global Programs in Latest QS Ranking

    An analytical ranking with stringent quantitative requirements woven into their methodology, this year’s QS report examined 202 EMBA programs in 48 countries. The HEC Paris EMBA performed in the top percentile of schools worldwide, earning an overall score of 92.3 out of a possible 100 points. “The QS result demonstrates that the quality of education… Continue Reading

  • This EMBA Participant is Helping to Plot the Future of Work

    Gartner,  a research and advisory firm, released a workplace survey in 2018 that found that 80% of employees feel they lack the skills required in their current or future roles. Suffice it to say, for organizations jostling for position on their sector’s cutting edge, re-skilling workforces is an urgent task. Andrew Saidy, EMBA ‘2022, and… Continue Reading

  • Class of 2021 Celebrates Virtually; Ceremony Next Year

    Last week, the EMBA participants of the Class of 2021 graduated to the virtual pomp of The Grad Show, a live and online celebration of their achievements. It wasn’t a graduation ceremony—that comes next year—but it was nevertheless an opportunity to recognize and celebrate their remarkable collective and individual achievements. They join the ranks of… Continue Reading

  • MBA Programs Professor Spotlight: Corinne Dauger

    Since her debut at HEC nearly 13 years ago, Professor Dauger has consistently ranked among participants’ favorite professors in exit surveys. This is of course a testament to her aptitude as an instructor, but also to an astonishingly well-rounded professional background; her résumé glitters with the requisite polish of a multifaceted graduate of HEC Paris’… Continue Reading

  • How My EMBA Helps Me Empower the African Diaspora

    In December 2017, Bola Bardet got a panicked phone call from her mother in her native Benin. Her father, a longtime sufferer of hypertension, had just had a heart attack. The prognosis was not good; he needed immediate surgery. “In Benin, a country with 10 million people, there is not a single cardiothoracic surgeon,” she… Continue Reading

  • Why I Referred My Colleagues to the HEC Paris EMBA

    When he started at the HEC Paris Executive MBA, Luca Zaccagna was, like many of his colleagues at the Whirlpool Corporation, a company “lifer.” There, the Italian national would rise to Head of Supply Chain Operational Excellence, spearheading EMEA (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa) supply chain strategy. “It was like home,” he says of… Continue Reading

  • Guest Post: A Librarian Gets an Executive MBA

    Imagine, for a moment, a library. Silent reading rooms, rows of leather-bound books, and perhaps a bespectacled librarian may come to mind. Images redolent of nostalgia and perhaps personal meaning if you’ve spent time in libraries studying or researching. For many, libraries represent places of poignancy, even if they haven’t stepped foot in one recently.… Continue Reading

  • A depiction of the English End-of-Week March intake, as painted by participant Audrey Chapuis.

    Online and In-Person, March 2022 EMBA Track is Underway

    When the HEC Paris EMBA March intake convened on Zoom for their first module, they were given a preview of what to expect by Professor Pierre Dussauge in his first-day opening remarks. “In an EMBA program, the people in the program have a fairly significant career already behind them,” he began, offering characteristically scalpel-like precision… Continue Reading