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The Chair offers several courses to HEC Paris students and guests, at different stages of their curriculum.


This program is a two-month intensive course taught in English. It was launched in 2009. Its aim is to contribute to training a new generation of managers, aware of societal challenges and aspiring to be part of the solution, regardless of their professional activity.

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The Academy “Entrepreneurs of Change”


The Academy “Entrepreneurs of Change” has been developed for students wishing to explore innovative business models reconciling economic performance and positive impact on society.

It is a three-week program proposed tot the students early January.

Thanks to meetings with social entrepreneurs, a field immersion in the reality of these businesses, and the theoretical and methodological contribution of the Academy, students will:

# Discover the different forms of enterprises that aim to provide effective and sustainable responses to current social and environmental issues;
# Question these models, understand the issues, difficulties and dilemmas faced by these entrepreneurs to combine economic efficiency and social impact;
# Develop their entrepreneurial tool box for change: social business plan, market study, social impact measurement, innovative financing;
# Acquire the method and practice of the consulting process: listening and understanding the needs of a client, reformulate and question, build a suitable support process, manage the project.

The Academy is open to all students of HEC Paris Grande Ecole first and second year, as well as entrepreneurs who participate in Stand-Up HEC program in La Courneuve.
It is compulsory for students wishing to integrate FACT FRANCE IMPACT program: indeed, it will enable them to acquire the tools and methods necessary for carrying out their mission to support a social entrepreneur, and spend some precious time within the structure thanks to the immersion.

Faculty comprises HEC Paris professors from the Social Business Chair, the SnO Center and the Entrepreneurship Center, and professionnals from the sector such as HEC Paris Incubator, Stand‐Up program, Enactus, …


In 2014, HEC Paris joined the Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM), launched by YALE School of Management with founder members INSEAD and NUS Business School. It is composed of 25 renowned institutions over 5 continents.

Within the framework of the “Global Network Weeks” organized by the GNAM schools, HEC Paris welcomed 27 students from 11 schools from 16 to 20 March for an intensive training week on the theme “Inclusive & Social Business”, co-organized by the International Relations Department and the Social Business/Enterprise and Poverty Chair of HEC.
Participants came from Japan, South Africa, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Hong-Kong, Israel, Turkey and the United States.

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Founded in Europe in 1988 by four business schools among which HEC Paris, the CEMS alliance now comprises 29 member schools across 5 continents, delivering the CEMS Master’s in International Management around the world. All 29 are top schools within their own country.

Block seminars are mandatory element of the Master’s program at the beginning of the academic year. They provide the opportunity for CEMS students to come together, exchange ideas, and debate and discuss innovative management topics as well as comprehensive leadership topics.

In 2015, the CEMS program welcomed a new Block Seminar on Inclusive & Social Business on the HEC campus. The idea was to investigate the set of reasons that prompt firms to contribute to poverty alleviation and analyze the innovative inclusive and social business models that they develop.

The students worked on these issues through case studies and lectures taught by a team of HEC professors and consultants. They were also invited to a site visit by ARES*, a large French social entreprise and by two multinationals and CEMS partners : in 2015 Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management and automation which is a Chair sponsor and in 2016  L’Oréal, world leader in beauty: makeup, cosmetics, haircare, perfume.

CEMS Block seminar - ARES visit

*ARES: Created in 1991, Ares is the first work integration group in Paris Region. Its main purpose is to encourage professional insertion through economic activity for the long-term unemployed (unqualified youth, isolated women, homeless, disabled persons…) by providing them a suitable job and social support.


Course description:

Poverty remains a strong reality in the developing world, even in countries which experience high growth rates. It is also on the rise in many – if not all – developed countries. To fight poverty, philanthropic action, public authorities and international institutions have shown their limits. Quite the opposite is the situation of forward-looking firms, which develop creative market based solutions to alleviate poverty, sometimes in partnership with civil society and public authorities.
Social enterprises with innovative business models are emerging worldwide, and an increasing number of established firms have realized that it is in their own interest to develop inclusive business models.

In this innovative summer program, launched by HEC with the Social Business Chair, we examine

  • the set of reasons that prompt firms to contribute to poverty alleviation,
  • the innovative business models that they adopt when fighting poverty and
  • how firms can actually transform themselves when seeking to become more inclusive and sustainable.

We also examine the pivotal role of social entrepreneurs and “intrapreneurs” inside large multinationals, both in emerging and developed countries. Lastly, we study innovative ways to finance these initiatives and to market them.

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This Major is open to all Executive MBA participants. More information on the dedicated page.

“Inclusive Business an Value Creation” is an Executive Education Program for Business & Social Changemakers.

Today, an increasing number of companies want to rethink their business models to expand in lower-income markets and explore new growth opportunities while proactively contributing to solving current societal challenges. This implies a different way of doing business, different partners and different mindsets for corporate executives who need the right tools and knowledge to successfully tackle these new challenges.

Designed for corporate executives, this program also welcomes social entrepreneurs, executives from large NGOs, international aid agencies and impact investors.

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