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Reverse innovation in ParisTech Review

“The Danone case, or how social innovation can help a multinational company reinvent itself” by Bénédicte Faivre-Tavignot, executive director of the Chair has just been published in the Review.

The ambition to change the world is at the heart of the most innovative entreprenarial endeavors – be they those of Ford, yesterday, or, today, of Google. Nevertheless, an established company that nurtures such an ambition must also reinvent itself. Today, social business is the new frontier, in that it combines an ambition for development and the conquest of new markets. So, can environmental and social innovations become the levers of a transformation of big companies, not only improving their performance but also contributing to the invention of a new, more sustainable and more inclusive economy? The example of Danone provides a concrete framework to study the initiatives taken by multinational companies from first-world countries to address the low-income populations from emerging countries.

Read the whole article in the ParisTech Review, in English or French.

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