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Launch of the Convergences 2014 Survey “CAC 40 companies and social business”

Convergences has just launched its survey “CAC 40 companies and social business”, in collaboration with EY.

The survey sets a comprehensive update of the social business practices among the 40 major French companies (“CAC 40”) by presenting a wide range of initiatives, ranging from the inclusion of populations at the bottom of the pyramid (BOP) to the support to social entrepreneurs.

Representatives from big companies and from a French top business school shared their vision of social business with the audience, composed of company, association/NGO, public and academic structures representatives, as well as media and students.

With this survey, Convergences aims at giving a concrete and substantial visibility to partnerships between big companies and social entrepreneurs to build sustainable, effective and replicable projects in favor of beneficiaries.

Convergences seeks to facilitate expertise exchange and extensive development of co-construction projects with communities in favor of communities through four recommendations:

  • Capitalize and share resources and best practices
  • Participation of all actors and develop multiactors partnerships
  • Investment in the measurement of social impact
  • Raise awareness of all the companies’ stakeholders

Read the survey (in French only).


soundcloudIf you undestand French, find HERE the SoundCloud set up by danone.communities where they interview Nathalie Touzé@Convergences, Corinne Bazina@danone.communities and Bénédicte Faivre Tavignot@HEC Paris on the study published by Convergences.

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