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Conversation with Antonio Meloto, founder of Filipino NGO Gawad Kalinga

Antonio Meloto at HEC Paris - Oct 17 2016On October 17, HEC Paris students, professors and staff will have the great opportunity to welcome a truly inspiring person, Antonio Meloto, founder of the Filipino NGO “Gawad Kalinga” who believes in the power of business to solve social problems.

He will share his insights and experience and give his answer the question: DOES DOING GOOD MAKE GOOD BUSINESS?

Antonio Meloto will be accompanied by Camille Meloto, co-founder and Marketing and R&D director of Human Nature; Fabien Courteille, founder of Plush&Play and Vincent Tetal & Louis Faure (HEC 2016), co-founders of FreeBirds.


Antonio Meloto - portrait ANTONIO MELOTO is the chairman & founder of “Gawad Kalinga” a filipino NGO fighting poverty through an holistic development approach. Based on shared values between the rich and poor, it integrates building intentional communities, the GK-Villages, through seven programs (values formation, village construction, education, health, food-sufficiency, livelihood / job & social enterprise creation, sustainable environment). Its mission is to eradicate poverty for 5 million families by 2024.

To this date 2400 communities have been established throughout the Philippines, impacting the lives of nearly one million Filipinos and with the help of more than one million volunteers over the past 10 years. GK acts as a “middle brother”, a convergence platform to connect the rich & poor. It is a catalyst to attract co-creation and collaboration, goodwill, skills, donations and investments from individuals, private & public companies, local political authorities, foundations and educational institutions.

Since 2010, through the concept of the “GK Farm Village University” (25 farms are planned), the Center for Social Innovation (CSI) flourished. It is dedicated to incubating social business and intends to motivate the most talented filipino graduates to create their own social business. CSI provides mentorship support to young local & int’l entrepreneurs both in terms of finance, marketing, communication, supply & logistics, distribution, human resources and partnerships with private/public institutions or individuals. GK-CSI has successfully incubated several social enterprises that are competing with main stream markets. These include “Human Nature” (specialized in organic personal care products now #1 in this sector in the Philippines within 5 years), Bayani Brew (new beverage created by GK-beneficiaries), Plush & Play (toys) or GET (Electric bus to replace highly polluting Jeepneys).

For more information, please visit the Gawad Kalinga’s website.

CAMILLE MELOTO is an entrepreneur spurred by her love for two seemingly disparate things: her country and natural cosmetics. Along with her sister Anna and brother in-law Dylan, she founded Human Nature, a social enterprise that aims to lift Filipinos out of poverty, one product at a time.

FABIEN COURTEILLE is The French man bringing the first Filipino toys to the Filipinos and to the world while empowering mothers from the countryside with Plush& Play.

LOUIS FAURE is a 23 year-old Parisian, GK volunteer and co-founder with VINCENT TATEL of FreeBirds, a social enterprise in the Philippines providing urban areas with quality pasture chickens raised by subsistence farmers.

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