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Ravi Kaneriya, Class 2013


JingYi Xing, Class 2013


Melany Rodriguez, Class 2012MRodriguez and MYunus 150512

“My name is Melany Rodriguez and I am 23 years old. I am from the Dominican Republic, a country with one of the largest economies in Central America and the Caribbean and, at the same time, several social and economic issues that challenge it in its goal of becoming a fully developed and advanced economy.
Before coming to HEC Paris, I had completed my bachelor in Business Administration the year before, as well as one year of experience in the non-governmental organizations sector, among other activities in charities and educational institutions.
During my undergraduate studies, I became familiarized with the concept of traditional business, how it operates and what are the necessary tools and competences needed in order to succeed in the field. However, there was one event in my life that changed my perspective of doing business and encouraged me to deepen in a whole new and exciting dimension of the business world: the reading of Muhammad Yunus’ book Creating a World Without Poverty.
This author soon inspired me to seek further on topics such as poverty reduction, equality of opportunities, social justice and respect for human rights. It motivated me to acquire experience in the Microcredit sector and work fully in a private family foundation that supports local social and environmental projects.
Eager to further study the Social Business model and learn from experts and experienced people in the field, I decided to pursue the Social Business/Enterprise and Poverty Certificate at HEC Paris, noticing that, besides of being a top-ranked, high quality educational institution, HEC Paris was a pioneer in offering this specific kind of studies.
Once on campus, I met other students and teachers with different backgrounds and nationalities than me, but with a main common passion of achieving a real, long-lasting social change. In the Certificate, I was able to analyze other models and approaches targeting the most pressing problems of society, and to meet and hear the stories of now-a-days examples of people that are implementing sustainable social projects.
This course made me realize that the responsibility of a fully developed society should not fall into the hands of a single actor, but in each of us whichever the sector we belong to. It showed me that, just as the difficulties and obstacles, the possibilities of innovation and achievement are infinite. But most importantly, it allowed me to relate my knowledge in business to the lives of the 34% of the Dominicans that live under the poverty line and to develop a personal goal of contributing to a more just and equitable society.”


Christophe Place, Class 2009

“I was born in the Genevan Region from a family working in an International Organization. Living in the heart of development and humanitarian aid agencies, sustainable development and finance innovation were already around me. To complete my engineering degree I had the opportunity to fulfill my academic and professional experience in Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Equatorial Guinea.
Prosperity without Growth of Tim JACKSON from the Sustainable Development Commission, Sustainability Indicators of Nations of Anne LOUETTE, and People Money: the promise of regional currencies of Bernard LIETAER gave me the impulsion to study more about solidarity finance, social entrepreneurship, social and ethical banking. That’s why I involved the certificate of the Social Business/Enterprise and Poverty Chair at HEC-Paris, co-presided by Muhammad YUNUS and Martin HIRSCH who I met at the launching event.
I not only learned about microfinance, crowdfunding and marketing strategy but also immersed in an organic agriculture structure to better understand the deep issues of social and solidarity economy. That’s why I wrote my essay on monetary and finance innovation to support social innovation. This Chair offered me the enthusiasm and abilities I needed to pursue my career among the technological implementation and financial support of this field around the world.”

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