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2016 Summer School “Inclusive & Social Business” has just started!


SS I&SB 2016

The 3rd HEC Paris summer program on “Inclusive & Social Business” has just started. It is launched by the Social Business / Enterprise and Poverty Chair.


In this intensive 2-week summer program, students discover how forward-looking firms develop creative market-based solutions to alleviate poverty, at times in partnership with civil society and public authorities. Students are exposed to social enterprises with innovative business models, as well as established firms who have realized it is in their interest to develop inclusive business models.  Students will work in teams in coordination with Schneider Electric executives in the formulation of an inclusive business model to be presented to a Final Jury at the session close.

Schneider Electric is one of the Chair’s main sponsors.


When studentys successfully complete this course, they should be able to:

  • Understand the set of reasons that prompt firms to contribute to poverty alleviation.
  • Describe and analyze the characteristics of inclusive and social business models which firms adopt when fighting poverty.
  • Propose how firms can transform themselves when seeking to become more inclusive & sustainable.
  • Understand innovative ways to finance these initiatives and to market them.
  • Understand the pivotal role of social entrepreneurs and “intrapreneurs” inside large multinationals, both in emerging and developed countries.
  • Develop and formulate an inclusive business model based on consideration of firm resources and societal need.
  • Draw on insights from cutting-edge research on Social and Inclusive Business.

What a program!!

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